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The Ocho Show posted on 05/14/2009

With voluntary camp just around the corner, the usual question of “will Chad show up?” is on a lot of peoples minds, except Carson Palmer.  Carson seems to be very happy with the fact that Chris Henry will most likely fill in for Chad if he elects to forgo showing up once again this year.  Carson has always been on the side of Henry even through his legal troubles and sees tremendous potential in Henry’s receiving ability.  Stating, "He has a great attitude. I'm just really proud of the guy. I'm happy for him. He's at a good place in his life, a good place for his family. He's showed up to work here and he will all year long. There's not a doubt about that."


While Palmer may be happy that Ocho Cinco may be a no show, I for one think he should honor his word from last year and “be involved with everything.”  After missing the pre-season workouts and having by far his worst season as a Bengal, Chad had vowed to be involved and help out the team in order to make us better.  Yet as of today, people think it’s a case of Chad being Chad and he won’t partake in anything that isn’t mandatory.  I can only hope that whatever happens, whether it’s Chad or Henry or both at the voluntary workouts, that the receiving corps finally gets it together and dominates the way they truly can.

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Out with the old in with the new... posted on 05/07/2009

With the release of Levi Jones came an addition to the already newer look defense of the Bengals.  Roy Williams is set to sign today what is believed to be a short term contract.  “Agent Jordan Woy confirmed a short-term deal with the Bengals that includes incentives, which could indicate they gave Williams a one-year deal and a manageable bonus if it doesn't work and enticing enough escalators for him if it does.”

While many people will see Williams as a starter for the Bengals, I think he has to earn the position first, yet he does have a leg up.  Known for his “horse-collar” tackles and explosive hits, Roy brings a true AFC North hard hitting defensive aspect to the team.  With the addition of Williams, teamed with our draft picks, the Bengals have completely restyled their defense to be top-tier and most feared.

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The Center Conundrum posted on 05/04/2009

While the Bengal’s cut their most experienced Center in Eric Ghiaciuc, there seems to be some hope in the younger more inexperienced centers as well as the potential for an old favorite to return to Cincinnati.

The Kansas City Chiefs picked Ghiaciuc off of waivers after he wasn't re-signed by the Bengal’s, and like many Bengal’s fans the Chief’s are apprehensive about this “seasoned” center. Ghiaciuc’s slow footwork and size have come into question for the Chief’s scheme, yet due to the fact that he has started 42 games at center the Chiefs are also excited that he could help their offense.

With Ghiaciuc gone who will start for the Bengal’s at center this season? Chuck Ludwig seems to think an old Bengal favorite in Eric Steinbach will return to the starting guard role for the Bengal’s and possibly push Bobbie William's into the center role. He believes that the Browns new management, along with the expensive contract of Steinbach’s may cause him to be cut by the start of this year or potentially before the 2010 season.

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Running Back Wish List… posted on 04/29/2009

With the release of Edgerrin James by the Arizona Cardinals, the Bengal’s may have a shot at picking up a veteran back that can backup Cedric Benson. Will they pull the trigger on this deal?... probably not. After the draft and release of Chris Perry, I highly doubt the Bengal’s will chase after a potentially washed out running back, yet I would applaud him being a Bengal.

If for some odd reason the Bengal’s chose to pick him up, it would probably mean that Kenny Watson’s days in Cincinnati are over. I would see the Bengal’s with a rotation of Benson, James, and Bernard Scott. DeDe Dorsey could potentially stay on the team for special teams and as a 4th option if needed.

James is definitely worth a gamble of picking up though, and ahs been a proven back for many years. In fact since 1999 (year he was drafted) he is 2nd in all yards from line of scrimmage only trailing LaDamian Tomlinson. Thus he would be one of the best backs the Bengal’s have ever seen on their team.

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Tuesday Thoughts posted on 04/28/2009

Chris Perry along with 5 other players were cut yesterday in order to make room for the players drafted this past weekend.  While I was never a huge Perry fan, we did waste a 1st round pick on him and I always wished eh would succeed and become a franchise back if not a 3rd down option…yet that never came to be.  With his release his fate as an NFL rusher is pretty much sealed.


One of the 5 other players cut was an OSU favorite of mine, Mike Doss.  I don’t quite understand this move as we didn’t draft a safety at all to fill the void left by his release.  While Trent Morgan was drafted at cornerback, I don’t see him as a potential safety option what so ever.  Doss’s release has led to  some speculation that this means Roy Williams will be signed, yet I highly doubt we will move in that direction.

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