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Hey gang. My name is Greg Stephens and, aside from being a family man, a lawyer and a pastor of a church, I also find time to write on my favorite subject--football. Being a Cincinnatian, my curse is supporting the Bengals with all diehard faithfulness thirty years of heartache will allow. Welcome to the blog and the site.


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Bye Bye, Bresnahan posted on 01/09/2008

It took me a couple of weeks to digest this development.  Chuck Bresnahan became the first casualty of Carson Palmer's ire, being relieved of his duties as Defensive Coordinator not long after Palmer opined the Bengals couldn't win with the current coaching staff.

I don't believe one eye will shed a tear in Bengals' Nation.  Every since the Bengals' disastrous loss to Cleveland in Cleveland, the Bengals faithful have been calling for Bresnahan's head on a charger.

Don't be fooled, though.  This is only one step towards rebuilding the Bengals' playoff form.  As Bengals history demonstrates, you can replace players, and you can replace coaches, but the results usually end the same.

Most educated Bengals' fans understand the Bengals' organization needs to regroup, adding football people to the management structure to draft and scout better players and run the football operations of the team.

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Shaun Smith--Get a Life posted on 12/25/2007

Shaun Smith, former defensive end for the Cincinnati Bengals and current Cleveland Brown, had some harsh words for a certain former teammate of his following the Browns loss to his former club.  Surprisingly, he didn't call out Coach Marvin Lewis for letting him go, or Chad Johnson for his antics.  Smith called out the Bengals' kicker.  That's right...the kicker, Shayne Graham.

Smith was quoted in Tuesday's Cincinnati Enquirer as blaming Graham for the Bengals' failure to make the playoffs last season.  Smith went so far as stating he hated Graham for that. 

This tirade explained a lot, as Graham was seen pushing Smith out of his face following a field goal in Sunday's game.  Just watching it on television, it was difficult to identify the Browns' player that was challenging the diminutive kicker.  One thing was clear, however.  Whomever Graham was jawing with was quickly getting under his skin.

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Thank God Marvin Lewis Reads My Blog posted on 12/23/2007

A couple of blogs ago, I ranted, and perhaps even raved, at the running game situation that, in my humble opinion, contributed to the Cincinnati Bengals' humiliating--nay, emasculating--defeat at the hands of the 49ers in Week Fifteen. 

Thank God Marvin Lewis reads my blog.

Sunday, the Bengals took advantage of a paper-thin Browns defensive line to punch Kenny Watson through for 130 yards on thirty carries.  His efforts, including picking up a touchdown, did set the Bengals in position for two field goals that helped lift the Bengals over the Brownies 19-14.

I have been preaching this all season.  Even when healthy, Rudi Johnson has appeared soft going to the inside of the line and has not put up good numbers, forcing a weakened Bengals pass offense to try to carry each game.

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Congrats, T.J. posted on 12/18/2007
The Cincinnati Bengals announced today that wide receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh was named to the first team for the Pro Bowl. Congratulations go out to a hard working receiver that always goes the extra mile to come up with the big play. Houshmandzadeh has had an incredible season on a team that has performed in a sub-par manner. T.J. has, as of the end of game fourteen, 101 catches, 1,028 yards and eleven touchdowns. Teammate Chad Johnson has more receiving yards with 1,265, but only six touchdowns in earning a back-up spot on the Pro-Bowl team. T.J. has long been considered one of the best number two receivers in the NFL. Most experts agree that Housh could be the number one guy on virtually any other team in the league. Has he become the number one guy for Cincinnati? He certainly appears

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Wanted--One Spin Doctor. Apply Within. posted on 12/17/2007

 The Bengals are two seasons removed from their glorious return to the top of the AFC North, winning that division with an 11-5 record and making the playoffs for the first time since Moses was a baby.

2006 saw the Bengals return to a flat 8-8 record and miss out on the playoffs literally by one failed field goal in the Broncos game.  Fans scratched their heads, but understood.  Carson Palmer was coming back from a career threatening injury in the opening round of the playoffs from the season before.  David Pollack broke his neck and missed fourteen games.  Odell Thurman had issues.  Rich Braham was injured, thus weakening the offensive line.

2007 was a different season.  The offensive line was settled with new faces.  Carson Palmer was one hundred percent.  The defense was shored up and ready to go.  Or, at least, these are the items the Bengals wished its fan base to believe in pre-season.

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