22 September 2008

As the Buckeyes took the field they seemed as if they had fire in their
eyes.  They were coming off an embarrassing defeat last week, losing to
the USC Trojans by over three touchdowns.  The starting quarterback had

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18 September 2008

Ohio State quarterback Todd Boeckman has been unable to produce for the Buckeyes when they need him most. Last Saturday, Boeckman went 14-21 for 84 yards as the Trojans trounced the Bucks 35-3. This game brought OSU fans flashbacks of the two previous BCS Bowl games in which Ohio State was dominated by much quicker SEC teams (LSU and Florida). However whenever Freshman quarterback Terelle Pryor came in the Buckeye offense seemed to move the chains and looked like they belonged in the game. This brought up the question....When is Pryor going to take over and be the starting quarterback for the Bucks?

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