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I am a 26 year-old Bengals fan who has seen mostly bad years of Cincinnati Football. I have withstood numerous years of horrible football, and yet my loyalty remains.


Bengals, Buckeyes, Church History, Football, Sports

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Being a die-hard and non-bandwagon fan, Communication

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July is the longest month of the year posted on 07/14/2010

Alright, so Football season is right around the corner. July always seems to drag on, as we are on the cusp of training camps starting in just 2 weeks. Football season is so close you can almost taste it, but it still only is July 14th, with the regular season being almost 2 months away.  Nevertheless, Cincinnati vs. Dallas happens 3 weeks from Sunday, so there's hope. That being said, let's talk some preliminary Bengals stuff:

Cedric Benson: I have to admit, I was really disappointed to see that Benson put himself in such a dumb situation and found himself arrested.  This has been a problem for the league and continues to give haters more fuel for trash-talk.  I'm hoping that Benson is not suspended by the league, but can't say I would be surprised if he were.  The power running game would greatly suffer if he had to miss the first two to four games as Cincy has to go to New England and also go against Baltimore's ridiculous run defense in week 2.  We need Benson to play in these two games for sure. 

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Steelers are going down this Sunday posted on 09/25/2009

Well, I have neglected this blog all year, but I had some free time today, so I figured I'd add a new post.  The first two weeks of the NFL season have been pretty good, with the stupid Hail Mary from the Broncos to win week 1 (gosh I hate watching the highlights of that play) to the great game between Dallas and the NYG last week in the Texas palace.  But the thing that has me the most excited is the Bengals' defense.  They played hard all preseason, did really well agaianst Denver, minus that stupid Hail Mary, and recorded 6 sacks on Aaron Rodgers last week.  This defense finished 15th last year and I feel they are well on their way to being a top 10 unit.  With Odom healthy, it's easy to see why Cincy shelled out so much money for him last offseason.  He has 7 sacks on the season (which leads the NFL) and works really well on third downs with Geathers on one end, Michael Johnson on the other, and Odom inside.  This combo causes a lot of problems for the offenses and I feel that it will again this week against Pittsburgh.

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Super Bowl is over, time for the Draft posted on 02/03/2009

Well, Pittsburgh won the Super Bowl again.  Santonio Holmes won the MVP, which makes me happy as we are fellow Buckeyes from the same years.  After the Super Bowl, I always get excited for the Draft (no, I don't care about the Pro Bowl).  This year, however, I started gearing up for the Draft in about the first week of January.  I don't know where the new focus came from, but I have been checking big boards/ espn.com/ watching a lot of College Football Live to get a glimpse about who will go where.  I of course am a Bengals fan, so I've been looking to see who they would draft.  I really think that OT is the best bet, despite what many people on bengals.com have been suggesting (RB, WR, DE).  I can understand taking a DE if some of the OTs are off the board, but it simply won't help, as the O-Line was putrid last year.  Stacy Andrews is worthless, overpaid, and very injured, thus I feel he won't be back.  Levi Jones is best suited as a backup, as his age is starting to show.  Anthony Collins and Nate Livings played well in fill-in spots, but they're untested. 

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Steelers' cheap shots posted on 01/19/2009

So after watching the Steelers/ Ravens game, I have noticed one thing about Pittsburgh... they are a dirty team.  Ryan Clark hit Willis McGahee helmet-to-helmet in the closing minutes of the Fourth Quarter to force a fumble, which was recovered by the Steelers.  Unfortunately for the NFL and for fans of the game, the referees did not call the hit illegal.  A very similar hit was called illegal (and a fine was given) earlier this season on Anquan Boldin, which knocked him out for several games.  These hits are very dangerous and can cause paralysis.  The league needs to be more uniform in the hits they call.  There are less calls made against offensive players making helmet to helmet blocks (see video of Hines Ward breaking Keith Rivers' jaw in a game against Cincinnati).  Also less frequent are helmet-to-helmet hits on running backs from defenders.  It's like the league feels that defensive players deserve to get hit this way, and since running backs are naturally taking the most hits, they deserve it in a way.  Receivers and quarterbacks are too fragile to allow these hits to be put on them, so the league fines players for hits on these guys.  Come on!  The reason some are called illegal is "to prevent injury".  All of these hits, regardless of position, can injure the guy.  (Did you see McGahee carted off the field on a stretcher, or Keith Rivers get his jaw broken?)  Bottom line, both of these hits referenced were by Pittsburgh Steelers players, and neither were fined or even called as penalties.  I feel like the NFL gives Pittsburgh a free pass because they have a reputation as a physical, hard-hitting football team.  The league needs to get their act together and fix this very baised system. 

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2 in a row against the Eagles? posted on 11/14/2008
So, how about them Bengals??? Winning streak of 1 game! I'm calling it! two games will be the streak after this week. Fitz will get his swagger going early, and Chad should have a good game.  I think Philly will do well this week, but I think Cincy will keep up their winning ways this week and rise to 2-8. McNabb has been struggling as well as the entire Philly offense.  They do not have many weapons beyond Westbrook, so I think Cincinnati will take out that weapon by spying him often.  Jonathan Joseph should flourish against young and untested wideouts.  All in all, I see Cincinnati winning this game 31-27 in a fun game. 

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